to build and grow a new Technology Advisory group in Poland. It serves our international clients with the best we have – our skills.


Technology Advisory

Need some tips on Switzerland? I'm your guy! For the last 2 years I have been working and living there, spending every weekend getting to know this amazing country with its mountains, lakes and vineyards.

Accenture is one of a few places where you have a real opportunity to build something. Like a new greenfield enterprise, starting with nothing but a blank sheet of paper.
And when you are not building it, you are using innovative technology to transform the existing one.


Do not panic! Continuous learning is deeply engrained in the definition of consulting. While individual challenges, technologies, trends and regulations are constantly changing, your experience expands. You need to enjoy learning, though.

  • managed a large, international and very diverse Accenture team implementing a complex system for a large Swiss bank
  • understood the challenges and proposed a solution for seamless integration of the bank’s services with its partner ecosystem through opening APIs.
  • conducted an extremely complex enterprise architecture with dozens of systems and hundreds of interfaces

Highlights of the year

  • Traveling the Australian Outback
  • Hiking in the Swiss Alps
  • Attending a Thai cooking school

My Top Travel Hacks

"Minimize your needs and for weekly trips use cabin luggage only. Also, do not leave home without your Kindle. Traveling is 90% waiting. Use that time for reading."

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A lot of people have great ideas. But making them happen is more difficult.

If you understand that technology is the key to growth and know how to harness this power – come join us at Accenture Capability Network Technology Advisory to work on the New IT.

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