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Supply Chain & Operations


I got a chance to be a part of a few different projects and explore various industries, functional areas and even geographies. CN allows you to work with individuals who often share many of the same characteristics and passions.

As CN you can be a part of TECHXPERT Accenture community where you can learn, understand critical digital trends and technologies impacting your clients like INTERNET OF THINGS, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MACHINE LEARNING, 3D PRINTING, ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION, BLOCKCHAIN, and many more.


Market dynamics and limited internal capabilities continue to pressurize our clients’ business performance and operating costs. The Integrated Business Planning (IBP) program was one of the outcomes of a Global Supply Chain 2020 Strategy definition that Accenture initiated early 2014.

In growing complexity of the current world, our Clients, together with Accenture, decide to leverage one of our strategic Business Solutions’ partnerships in Supply Chain area, which we do have many e.g. SAP, Oracle, JDA, E2Open, Kinaxis, etc.

  • developed and deployed the IBP capability to deal with the market dynamics
  • implemented advanced level of maturity in the industry for S&OP
  • centralized specialized skills to make the capability sustainable
  • driven integration and collaboration across functions and markets through a cloud-based solution

Highlights of the year

  • Dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants in Milan & Barcelona, including Alice, Innocenti Evasioni, Via Veneto
  • Watching Inter Milan and FC Barcelona games
    as part of project team integration
  • Typical Arabic diner at Najd Village in Riyad

My Top Travel Hacks

"Becoming a member of different loyalty programs will turn it into privileges (fast track/business lounges) and collected miles/points can be used for a holiday of a lifetime."

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