Moved back to Poland and expanded my knowledge of the LNG and upstream business.




During my last projects I have worked with people from all over the world, visited some beautiful beaches in Mexico, participated in the Houston Rodeo Show and learnt the rules of bull riding.

Thanks to the Consultant job at Accenture, I was able to go to places were the business happens. I managed to visit different refineries, an LNG plant, and took part in business transformation processes. All of that happened within a short period of time.


The Oil & Gas sector is going through turbulent times. Consulting companies need to be ahead of industry changes, coming up with innovative solutions that help clients drive value. Since ‘time is money’ the expectation is to see results delivered in no time!

For me – it means I had to learn how to work more efficient, fast and at times under pressure, Delivering high quality work every single day.

  • implemented full cycles (Design, Build, Test & Deploy) of two applications within 6 months
  • established the Value Chain process model up to level 5 aligned with a business strategy in a client’s company
  • handled a Safety Case submission within a short period of time

Highlights of the year

  • Participating in Houston Rodeo Show
  • Witnessing Hurricane Harvey
  • Visiting Six Flags in Texas

My Top Travel Hacks

"Get yourself a sleeping mask, headphones, a sanitizer, and a power bank."

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