I used to focus on a limited vision of the business world. One job, one task, one manager. Now I work on many different projects & workshops.


Financial Services


Executing my last project, I had the opportunity to work with clients based in Paris and London. It was amazing to switch from one country, one language and one culture to another on a weekly basis.

Accenture aims to help its clients turn towards the future. All projects are very strategic and will structure the company for the years/decades to come. I have learnt a lot dealing with global challenges beside C-level managers.


Banks are facing challenges at each stage of their activity. In order to tackle them, they have to become more agile, while continuing to grow to meet their financial and regulatory commitments.

This is not only about transforming their operational model to turn to digital. This is about transforming their way of working so they are able to continuously fit in their environment and meet changing customer expectations.

  • designed omnichannel customer journeys for personal loans to improve the user experience and better serve clients
  • built a digital marketing strategy on credits and customer onboarding to personalize bank offers and increase the sales
  • streamlined internal processes to significantly reduce back office costs

Highlights of the year

  • Taking a Paris – Warsaw flight seated 1 meter
    behind the former president of the French Republic

My Top Travel Hacks

"The essentials!!! iPad, guitar, jumping rope."

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