It has been a great experience working with professionals from all over the world, learning new stuff every day and explore places like a local.


Customer Insight & Growth


Working for Accenture gives a great opportunity to learn outside your area of expertise. Over the last year, I have completed many different tasks and was inspired by many different people. I believe I will leverage this experience for my future projects.

I have been splitting my time between Warsaw and London for a year now. It has its ups and downs, as you need to get used to frequent travels and quickly adapt to new situations, but it feels like I live my life to the fullest.


I had to understand ‘as is’ processes and propose ‘to be’ processes improving decisioning work. It was a good opportunity to meet a lot of stakeholders from different business units across a particular company. I was building my expertise throughout that process and eventually I was able to connect the dots.

It is always good to ask specific questions and try to gather as much information as possible. Understanding what the stakeholders expect and require is crucial in building trust.

  • became a part of a client’s team from day one and managed my work independently with minimal involvement of my own managers
  • participated in a big Transformation Programme with client implementing changes of all sorts. From the way of working to the way of thinking

Highlights of the year

  • Looking behind the scenes
    of a TV show

My Top Travel Hacks

"Pack big ideas in a small suitcase! You can take it on board and save some time at the airport. On top of that, try to stay positive as travelling might be unpredictable."

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If you enjoy challenging yourself, want to work in Sales, Service and Marketing with great people and do not like having a daily routine, you should definitely consider working in CN, Customer Insight & Growth.

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