I collect knowledge and experience from around the world. In the last twelve months I've gathered more than ever.


Communication, Media and Hi-Technology


Last year I had a chance to meet new people, learn old secrets and try great food. I visited the Quinta da Regaleira residence and explored its hidden Illuminati passages. And did I mention fried cheese in Bratislava?

Want to try something new? Take your pick! My main area of focus is telco business, but during my Accenture journey I worked for companies from the high tech, aviation, energy and financial services industries.


We do not think of Robotic Process Automation as simply implementation of technology. Instead, we offer our clients a wider range of services, treating RPA as a chance to streamline our Clients’ business processes and making sure that knowledge workers do not feel threatened by automation.

With the ability to "take the robot out of the human", RPA has a real impact on our Clients’ businesses.

  • introduced Robotic Process Automation for several Clients as a key lever to drive efficiency and enhance quality of outcomes
  • helped ramp up Client’s own robotics capability by supporting trainings

Highlights of the year

  • Watching the Nutcracker
    in Voronezh
  • Admiring Bratislava from the
    UFO Restaurant on top of the bridge
  • Watching the sunset at the
    Commerce Square
    in Lisbon

My Top Travel Hacks

"When booking your flight or hotel, check whether the company has a reward program. You can earn points for your business flights or stays and then have your private holidays for free!

If you often have lunch with your co-workers and cannot split bills at some restaurants, you can always use special apps to settle up later on."

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