in just 12 months? It's not a self-help book title, it's what happened to me. Along the way I have learnt to work with people of various nationalities, including Italian, Danish and Portuguese.


CFO & Enterprise Value


During my project I met extraordinary people. I threw my special wedding and birthday party for them. The celebration took place in the city of Varese, Italy and after-party in the beautiful gardens of our hotel in Induno Olona, Italy..

This year, I was learning about the banking and fashion industries. I had the opportunity to meet people occupying senior positions at the Client’s company, lead meetings for them and learn from their experience.


Fashion industry people are real individuals. It was challenging to meet their expectations and not to step away from the SAP standard. The crucial part of this process was communication to avoid misalignment.

  • gathered finance reporting from about 30 people on the Client side and built process flows based on this input
  • gathered business requirements for introduction of a new ERP system designed for fashion industry
  • cooperated with the ACN Testing Team and prepared excellent quality test scenarios and scripts, detailed testing and defect resolutions

Highlights of the year

  • Dinner at Lake Como
  • Eating the best Gelato in Italy
  • Visiting one of the best
    fashion outlets in Italy

My Top Travel Hacks

"Limit your luggage and always travel with carry-on only. You will master this with time."

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If you want to gain unique experience by learning from people of various backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, while simultaneously facing business challenges, come and join us at Accenture Capability Network, CFO & Enterprise Value.

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